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All your options for Cape Town locomotion
MyCiti Bus

MyCiti Bus

Take the convinient bus around town!


Metered taxi services


The essential app that connects drivers with passengers!

City Sightseeing Bus

Hop-on and Hop-off to see all the major attractions in Cape Town!


The freedom and flexibility to move around!

Cape Comoot Shuttle

Cape Town to Franschhoek or Cape Point made easy!


The highly recommended Southern Line Rail Route!


Hop on to travel like a local in the city!


Get a reliable taxi to pick you up in minutes with the Taxify app!

MyCiTi Bus


Safe. Cheap. Reliable. Join the public transport revolution with MyCiti Bus. All you need to do before stepping onto the bus is to get an individual myconnect card for R30 from selected MyCiti stations and load it with money at the same place, participating retailers and cash-accepting Absa ATMs to get “points” that you can use in each travel.

The fare is calculated according to the distance traveled. To know exactly how many points you are going to spend in every journey, access the official fare calculator on their page:

You can also access their website on your own mobile to plan your trip, locate your nearest myconnect point, view and download timetables and maps and more.


  • Try to avoid the morning and evening peak hours to pay less.
  • In case you run out of data in your cell phone you can still call 0800 65 64 63. Operators are available 24/7, with help offered in English, Afrikaans and Xhosa. This service is toll-free from a landline.
  • Free WIFI. MyCiti offers free 50MB daily. Not much to check your facebook along the way but it’s alright to get and send some whatsapp messages.
  • Make sure to keep your card topped up to avoid a penalty.
  • Be aware about the time. MyCiTi bus working hours varies according to the route and it doesn’t work until late at night. On the weekdays the last bus you can take is around 9:00pm. They have different working hours for the weekend and special dates.

City Sightseeing Bus


The popular tourist double-decker red bus that offers audio commentary in 15 languages! Hop on & Hop off to check all the major must-to-see attractions in the mother city all day, everyday. This service offers:

  • City Tour direct to Table Montain and Cable Car.
  • Cape Town Blue Mini Peninsula Tour
  • Cape Point Explorer
  • Cape Town Yellow Downtown Tour
  • Cape Town Purple Wine Tour
  • Waterfront Harbour Cruise
  • Cape Town LaGuGu Township Tour
  • Cape Town Sidecar Tours
  • Cape Town Bus & Helicopter Combo
  • Cape Town Blue Route Pass
  • Sunset Bus

For further information and online tickets go to their page:

  • Get your tickets online to save money and present your barcode on any mobile device to redeem your ticket at our ticket offices at the V&A Waterfront or 81 Long Street, or on the bus at any of the other stops. No printer required!
  • Pre-buy your Table Mountain Cableway ticket from the driver between stops 1 to 6 or City Sightseeing (at stop 1 outside Two Oceans Aquarium or stop 5 at 81 Long Street) and skip the queue at the Cableway ticket office.
  • Check out weather conditions: you may need sunscreens, cape, sunglasses, raincoat, etc.


Cape Comoot Shuttle

Cape Comoot Shuttle

The newest and also the cheapest option of transportation available in Cape Town to commute from the City Bowl (Greenmarket Square) to Cape Point or Franschhoek is going to be launched on 1 June, 2017 – The Cape Commot Shuttle!

The trip is going to cost only R99,00 for a one-way trip and are paid for online via credit/debit card on their website.


  • You can’t pay cash at the starting point. So book your trips in advance!
  • You can easily access the internet while you travel – all their busses have a hotspot with the possibility of connecting up to 10 devices.
  • They also have space for small on-board suitcases/travel bags, but nothing bulky.

Check their Facebook Page or Website for more information.



If you plan on traveling by train in Cape town you need to know the railway system is basically focused on commuter transport. But the Southern Line Rail Route is very popular for tourists. Departing from Cape Town Railway Station and ending at Simon’s Town.

For more information access their page:

  • Always check if the trains are running on time. They often don’t run on schedule.
  • Stash it. Don’t flash it. Watch out for your valueables. Pickpockets can be everywhere.
  • Travel in group. A group can be more intimidating than a single traveler.




This type of transportation is for those who are adventurous and want to travel like a local. The vans can be found on main roads and are very easily spotted. You get on and off where you want. Fares are very affordable. The door operator is also the fare collector.


Locals don’t recommend the vans specially if you are a woman.




There is a great number of taxis in the city. Rates are charged per kilometre (the average rate if R10/kilometre), and a minimum fare usually applies.


  • You can also ask for a fixed price to go to your destination, that also works.
  • Ask the front desk of you hotel to recommend a reliable taxi service.
  • Try to avoid unmarked cars.

Car Rental


If you are not able to come back to Cape Town as much as you wish, the chances are great that you may want to rent a car! It may be not the cheapest option but the cost/benefit will be a plus in your travel around South Africa.

There are plenty of car-hire companies operating from the airport and city:

  • If it’s a Rental don’t go Mental! In South Africa we drive on the left hand side and our speed is metered in kilometres.
  • According to the Road Traffic Management Corporation“A drivers license issued in any country other than South Africa (RSA), is valid to drive within the RSA if:
  • The foreign drivers license was issued on a date on which the holder thereof has not been permanently or ordinarily resident in the RSA. A person is permanently resident in the RSA if he/she is a RSA citizen, or disposes over the right to permanently reside in the RSA based on an official document issued by the Department of Home Affairs, and he/she resides in the RSA. A person is ordinarily resident in the RSA if he/she is in the RSA on an extended visit of more than three months on a contract of employment (not just visiting). The permanent residence requirement does not apply to a holder of a diplomatic permit or a treaty permit.
  • The license is in English OR a translation of the license in English is attached to the license OR a certificate of authenticity or validity in English which was issued by a competent authority (e.g. the Embassy or Consulate) of the country concerned, is attached to the license. The legislation does not prescribe who should attach a translation or a certificate of authenticity or validity to a driving license, how it should be attached or when it should have been attached. The legislation also does not prescribe that the translation should state the capacity of vehicle the license authorises. The code of the license does not necessarily relate to a South African license code, and therefore should describe the capacity of vehicle the license authorise.
  • The license contains or has attached there to the photograph and signature of the holder thereof. The legislation does not prescribe who should attach a photograph and signature to a drivers license, how it should be attached or when it should have been attached. The rule of thumb here should be that if a license does not have the holder’s photograph or signature contained on it, some other formal document like a passport that contain the person’s photograph or signature should accompany the license.”






Uber is a convenient, inexpensive and safe taxi service. Hire a private driver to pick you up & take you to your destination with the tap of a button on your phone. The nearest driver is often at your pickup location within minutes.

Download the app using your Google Play Store if you hold an android or App Store in you hold an Iphone.

  • If you are a first time user. Ask your friends about a referral code they have for you to use before your first ride. You both win a ride!
  • Check online about the promotions available in Cape Town. Uber is always offering free rides for some events.




Taxify is another convenient, inexpensive and safe taxi service widely used in Cape Town. Hire a private driver to pick you up & take you to your destination with the tap of a button on your phone. The nearest driver is often at your pickup location within minutes.

Download the app using your Google Play Store if you hold an android or App Store in you hold an Iphone.


There’s a promo code you can share with your family and friends (up to R100). Once they’ve tried Taxify, you will also get a free ride.




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